• Audi Sport style hood pins

• Modified front motor snub mount using poly bushing encased by tube

Mercedes engine shock mounted between transmission and frame-rail

• Modified Debaged Front Grill

• B4 H1/H4 Eurolights, pic 1, 2, 3 Corner city bulb converted to blinker with 16w bulb.

• High wattage headlight harness, 3 relays, one each for the High and Low beams and foglights. Details: 4-pin connectors , fog light connectors, relay mount, breaker

• Modified upper core support to fit intercooler

• Schroth 4 point harness

Battery relocated to trunk

• 200A Pheonix Gold circuit breaker

Side Shot for ya, front shot

I would really love to do an S2 front bumper in the future... and some fender flares to get some bigger rubber under the fender.