Custom aluminum radiator, dual 1" cores (2.625" thick), custom mount 1 2 3 4

• Permacool 12" fan, 1300cfm flow, 6amp draw, triggered by stock fan switch system.

• Modified aluminum Mercedes Turbo Diesel oil cooler, core size 17" wide, 5" tall, 2" thick, mounted in passengerside bumper as an Urq IC is. -10 fittings welded on and -10 Aeroquip hose.

I had overheating problems before I did the radiator. I now run a 25% coolant mix with a bottle of Redline Water Wetter. The oil cooler is huge and a nice piece, it cooled a huge Mercedes Turbo Diesel, so I figure it should be big enough. It is mounted in the right side of the lower bumper opening, I had to remove the right tow hook to get it to fit properly, and it is mounted behind the front bumper using custom brackets. I also removed the foglights since the Eurolights have a built in H1 that can be used for this purpose.

Cooling System