Here are some other Audis that have been turbo converted

Jerry Komp's 80tq- With some assistance from, Jerry has a very quick sleeper! 1 2 3 4

Nate Stuarts 90tq- Nate is using 034 EFI and a 10v MC, check out his detailed website.

Jim Green's 90tq- Jim is using 034 EFI also with a 10v MC, with some other goodies to.

Marc Swansons 4kqt- Marc is using 034 EFI along with one of the cleanest 4kq anywhere.

Alex VanG's Speed- Alex has assembled some of the sweetest Audi's sites on the internet.

Matt Kramer's Coupe GT turbo- "My quest for turbo power began after I drove an almost 300hp UrQ this desire was strengthened by frequent rides in a friends 12 second Eagle Talon. The stock WE code 5 cylinder has around 8.2:1 compression which is near perfect for adding boost. After bolting on the appropriate 5kt and UrQ pieces (along with some Eagle/Mitsu and custom bits) the most surprising result is how wide the powerband has become. My CGT now pulls 5th gear from 1500 rpm with no complaints, by 2600 RPM the K26 has already spooled to 12psi and the car accelerates hard well past 100mph.... " 1 2 3

Mike Gough- I did the conversion in May of 2001 after realizing how much easier it is to get power from a turbo motor than naturally aspirated. I bolted on an exhaust manifold and K24 turbo from an Audi 5k turbo diesel to the stock JT motor, and the power increase is amazing. For a few hundred dollars, the car runs 15.5 @ 85mph in the quarter mile, 2 seconds faster than stock! 'Nuff said 1 2 3 4