• Adj. Konis with 2Bennett coil over suspension, spring rate 300/250 lb.

• Blue UrQ front strut bushings

2Bennett Delrin Control Arm

• Delrin front Subframe Bushings 1 2 3

2Bennett "bent" tie rod to clear wastegate

• Heim-jointed front swaybar and custom rear swaybar 1, 2, 3

• Audi B4 strut tierod bar

• 17x7.5 inch Borbet Type T wheels with 215/40 Khumbo 712

The car handles very well, a little stiff at times on the street, but a real joy on the track. Turning consists of imagining it and twitching a wrist =) The rear bar really helped neutralize the tendency to push, now at the limit the rear really begins to come around, and the attitude can be modulated by throttle input. Also, trailing throttle oversteer is very effective at killing the push, bomb into a corner full throttle, at the apex let off throttle, let the rear-end swing around, bet back on it sideways, very fun! Soon I will be exerimenting with stiffer springs in the rear too.